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Abducted in plain sight

Has anyone (besides me and PumpkinSpies) watched this documentary on Netflix? If not, go watch it (tw: sexual abuse of a child; parental denial) and come back here and talk about it.

Spoilers below and in the discussion:

I have some expertise in childhood sexual abuse and in the tactics sex offenders use to groom their victims - and this story was just stunning. That he used such crazy schemes (aliens and end of the world) to coerce her into sexual abuse was something I’d not heard of. I’ve also never heard of a sexual offender seducing both parents.


The parents were just .... I give Jan huge credit for being able to continue to have a relationship with her mother after everything. Their denial of the harms B was causing to their daughter was staggering. When they were talking to her on the phone after she was abducted the second time, I was yelling at them for their idiocy.

Yet I know at the same time that B had them all duped - and that the ultimate blame is on him. I also know that that was a different time and that our understanding of CSA and the effects of CSA has evolved greatly since then. That said, I have no doubt that similar things are going on today and will continue to do so as long as we are - at our core - a society that values and believes men over women and children.

Kudos to the FBI agent for being so persevering and for seeing through all the smokescreens to the truth. Without him, the story would have had a very different ending.

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