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He’s been obsessing about which wireless keyboard to buy. He actually told Mr. I that he has had 2 sleepless nights thinking about it. He’s called Mr. Ivriniel twice to discuss the topic. Mr. Ivriniel’s reaction is “It really doesn’t matter!”, but ABiL insisted on talking pros and cons about each of the FIVE! keyboards he is considering.

So anyways, while they were on the phone today, Mr. Ivriniel heard Niece in the background chortling “Uncle Mr. I! Uncle Mr. I!”. Then ABiL put Niece on speaker phone. As she chirped away, Mr. I could hear ABiL and ASiL talking to each other. And then he heard them leave the room...

He chatted with Niece (who is three) a bit more, and then said, “Can you give the phone back to your Daddy?” and Niece responded “I don’t know where he is.”


No adult came back into the room, up until the time that Mr. Ivriniel finally said goodbye.

Also today, Niece called OSiL and Mr. Ivriniel’s Mom on her own, and as near they could tell, no adults were around. Usually when Niece dials someone, ASiL is heard laughing in the background.

Earlier this week, Niece filled OSiL’s voice mail with calls.

ETA: After calling twice this week about the topic ABiL just emailed Mr. I to once again go over his wireless keyboard options. It’s a keyboard. ABiL is just going to spill Coke all over it.

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