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ABiL Called Yesterday

(Is it just an iPad thing that Kinja is not letting me title stuff?)

So ABiL called the other day looking for career advice from Mr. Ivriniel. As you may recall, ABiL was working as an RPN at two hospitals for a little while, but then the second hospital fired him, something about the program that he was hired under being cancelled. We all rolled our eyes at that one, but it seems to have been true, because about a month later they called him up for an interview and offered him a part time job on the general medical floor, one that had full time hours during the summer to help cover other people’s holidays.


Somehow he has managed not to screw things up, and apparently they have now offered him a full time job. So what was the question he wanted answered? Should he take the full time job, or should he stay part time so he can have more flexibility and free time? (I should add he intends to quit the other hospital one way or the other. He is only hanging on there until he gets some back pay they owe him. The commute to the hospital is terrible, and he hates that job.)


To recap his personal situation: He is living in a townhouse that he hates because it is too small. It smells of mould, and the heat stopped working last winter. His wife quit her job as a part time cashier to become a stay at home Mom to their three year old. He’s a registered practical nurse, which is not a job that typically pays well enough to be the sole earner for a family, unless you are willing to live simply, and ABiL is forever jonesing after the latest gadget.


He wants a big house with a garage for a workshop for himself. The last time he got mortgage preapproval (and was promptly fired) he was only offered enough to buy a house similar in size to what they currently own (Which ASiL had purchased before she met him, when she had a reasonably good job that she go fired from.) or something bigger that is a major fixer upper that they will need to sink money in.

Of course you should take the full time job, you moron!

I think what might have spawned this is the fact that his sister, who just finished her RPN has decided to go part time in her PSW job for the summer. She put in a lot of work over 3 1/2 years, and in her final semester was working full time as a PSW while also putting in her student nurse hours. She says she missed a lot with her kids over those three years, and wants to have lots of time this summer with them. She plans on starting to look for a nursing job in the fall after they go back to school. At the same time, her husband still has a full time job.


I think ABiL is looking at her and thinking “If she can work part time then I should be able to work part time!” Ignoring that she is not the sole breadwinner of their family.

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