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Last week, I wrote about ABiL inappropriately contacting our family Doctor wanting to discuss Mr. I’s health:

Apparently, he didn’t like be told that it was not his place, because today our Family Doctor called Mr I in to inform him that ABiL has lodged a complaint against the Doctor with the College of Physicians and Surgeons.


ABiL hasn’t seen or even spoken on the phone with Mr Ivriniel since the first week of January, so he is in no position to assess Mr I’s health much less decide that our Doctor was mismanaging Mr I’s care. All of this was spawned by a single, ill advised Facebook post that Mr I made.

According to what ABiL told their sister, when ABiL tried to talk to our family Doctor he identified himself as an Registered Practical Nurse. Our Family Doctor would be completely justified in filing a complaint with the College of Nurses against ABiL, or even contacting his Employer to let them know how he tried to insert himself inappropriately into a patient’s care.

As Mr I’s sister observed, a nurse picking a fight with a Doctor is extremely ill advised and should only be done with back up from a lawyer. If our Doctor complains to the College of Nurses, ABiL won’t even have back up from his Union, because it’s a private matter and not a workplace issue.

We are now trying to figure out what to say to ABiL. This is just so beyond the pale. Mr I hates conflict, and is the one who tries to hold his family together. But this is so beyond the pale.

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