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ABiL just called: Updated

So ABiL just called looking for advice. ABiL has coveted a Tablet in years, and ASiL told him she found him the perfect one. ABiL researched the Tablet she mention she was going to buy, and found that the reviews were not favourable. He then found that a similar Tablet that is much better for $40 more.

He mentioned this to ASiL, who, it had turned out, had already bought the first one. She got pissed off and and decided to sell the Tablet on Kijiji or something, and didn't tell him she had bought it until she resold it.


So ABiL wanted to know if he should just go ahead and buy the second Tablet, and then ask ASiL to reimburse him for his purchase?


Dude, really? She's so sensitive that she took it as a personal affront that you didn't like the first one and she went to the trouble of telling you all about it after she disposed of the Tablet.

This is not going to end well.

Update: Mr. I tells me that ABiL had found a Black Friday deal on the Tablet that expires tonight, so he was buying it online after he got off the phone.

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