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Tomorrow. When the daytime high will be -13 C but will feel like -24 C with the windchill factor.

He phoned Mr. I yesterday to say he was going to email him the move details. We know that he is moving his stuff from his Dad's basement into a storage locker, but nothing beyond that. Apparently it is Mr. I, ABiL and me loading the truck, and possibly another unnamed person will help us unload at the storage locker. We have one more person for the easier part. Great.

Mr. I gets the sense that ABiL wanted to talk about something else, but did not want to come out and say it, so was only dropping broad hints in the conversation, and was waiting for Mr. I to ask questions and drag it out, and this is why he called when a text would do. Mr. I HATES it when his brother does this and has told him he will not play that game, but ABiL persists.


I am going to tell Mr. I to tell his brother to scrub this move tomorrow. I am not moving boxes at -24 and colder, hell, when it gets that cold my employer doesn't even ask me to go outside.

Somehow I think my FiL is not going to want people traipsing in and out of his house for hours at this temp. I was there when the crap was put in the basement, and this will not be a quick move.

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