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ABiL's Birthday Party: Updated

Today was ABiL's birthday party. It was pretty uneventful, mostly because it was a table of roughly 20 people in a restaurant, and the ABiL's were at the opposite end of the table.

Once again, the Annoying Inlaws mostly ignored their 2 year old, who ran around and around the table. Every so often she would take a header away from the table and into the rest of the restaurant, and it mostly fell to her cousin and I to go get her and bring her back. When the severs started bringing the food, I picked her up and put her on a chair next to ABiL. She sat for a couple of minutes, but then said something to her father, who pushed her chair back enough for her to get down and start running around again. A few minutes after that, ABiL called out "Did anyone see where my daughter went?" And sure enough she had run off into the rest of the restaurant.

I felt bad for the servers. I could see they were getting annoyed at having her underfoot. I don't understand why the Annoying InLaws didn't bring anything to entertain her at the table, and insist she sit there. A couple of times the restaurant host intercepted her as she tried to run out the front door.


Updated: Oh yes, I nearly forgot. When my MiL went off to the washroom, Niece suddenly announced "I need to pee!" which surprised me, because a couple of months ago when we babysat her, her mother told me "we are not toilet training her now" (she turns 3 in less than 3 months). When I got her to the washroom she said "I need a bum change.". So I took her back to the table to her mother, who was sitting quietly with her mother and sister not doing anything. As soon as I told her what Niece said, she started shouting down the table for ABiL to take their daughter and change her. Really? It's his birthday party, and he's supposed to leave the table to change her? At which point, Niece denied she needed a bum change, so it was quickly dropped.

Then a couple of minutes later she was saying "I need to pee!" again, so I took her to the washroom, and helped her sit on the toilet. She was definitely wearing diapers, not pull-ups, so I'd say they are not actively toilet training. She also didn't pee at all, and then announced she was done. So I took her out and helped her wash her hands, which I think is what she wanted in the first place, because 5 min later she came up to me and said "Ivriniel? Wash hands?" Clearly playing in the water was more fun than running around the restaurant.

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