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During some recent minor kerfuffle about munchies, there was much mention to Ableism behavior, and just as much request for some manner of definition of this. This isn't "at" or "to" or "for" anyone, but it seemed like some interest was out there.

At it's root, Ableism is about being Able, nothing too weird. The problem comes in, when the idea that a particular Ability is "Normal" and those without the same Ability are given "Less Than Normal" implications. Quite often these can be done in thoughtless good-intentioned moments, and I don't think we should go torch and pitchfork mob on people for making unintended mistakes. Still, we should mention these moments, to help each other adapt and improve, in friendship. Now for an example, Stairs!

Everyone knows stairs and elevators (and escalators) have very particular usefulness. Also, I doubt anyone will argue for a prolonged switch from stairs to elevators for the Majority of People, but we regularly see signs like these now-a-days


On the surface, it would appear rather well-intentioned (although really, the company just wants to save on electric bill, they dun care about us, lol) and harmless...

unless, of course...


Suddenly we can see how a "nice" message can be a slap in the face. Take a quick sec and imagine you are wheelchair bound, and look at these wonderful, totally not bad ever, moments


So remember, if you have a choice, that's great. Make a choice. If someone doesn't have a choice, though, try to avoid acting superior for making a choice.

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