Mexador and I had a weird conversation the other day. He caught a whiff of a bracelet I wear and complained about it.

“I don’t smell anything.”

“You wouldn’t, it’s your funk.”

“Are you saying I smell funky?”

“Well yeah, you only started wearing it after you started birth control.”


Apparently my sweat scent hasn’t been as attractive since I started birth control.

“So when I get all sweaty after getting hot and heavy, it’s gross?”

“No, that’s a different smell.”

So I smelled really good to him initially (which is great biologically, it means we have compatible immune systems (and they say romance is dead?)), but now I smell different (which I guess also makes sense biologically). But really, how is his nose this good? He can even tell when I’m in the mood because I’m apparently throwing out pheromones. Can most people sense changes in their partners’ scents and I’m just nose-dead or is he just a human bloodhound?


In other news, this conversation happened while in a nest of blankets in front of the fire during our weekend away. I can’t overstate how gorgeous the mountains and valleys of Vermont are come fall.