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Finally, I'm not bitching about Facebook! A friend posted this Time article yesterday and I thought it was worth a share. (Apologies if it's already been shared, I don't always catch everything.)


While I doubt the change will come quickly, or even soon, I'm glad it's being acknowledged. When a unintended pregnancy pops up on a show I'm watching, I pretty much roll my eyes and expect the situations described here. Even when the character and situation would most certainly take the path of abortion in real life, I can't remember it ever actually happening. When I was 18, living in a shithole apartment with a boyfriend I wasn't in love with anymore, partying all the time, I got pregnant. I was spending the night with my best friend and basically took a moral support test with her, because she thought she might be pregnant. She wasn't, I was. I was in shock, but when she pulled out her giant book of women's health and flipped tp pregnancy, I immediately said, "I'm not keeping it." I knew right away, I never had doubts, I didn't and don't struggle with the decision I made. I don't what if. I don't think about it on a daily basis. I know not everyone handles it the way I did/do, but I think there are probably a fair amount of women who do, or at least lean more toward my experience than ones most often depicted on screen. But that doesn't make for a wrenching story-line. And it normalizes abortion. We can't have that, can we?

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