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About that transparent dress...

I'm not surprised by the hate, but I'm offended by the blatant lack of common sense the commenters are showing. Is this Youtube now?

Yes, it's a DRESS, the entire point of which is to expose the wearer. Tres sexiste!

It's also an art piece obviously (I mean, really obviously) not meant for practical use. Why is everyone pretending like dresses aren't easier to make? And require less material? And can do weird things — like, say, leave a chunk of side out — and still look intentional for that inter-departmental review? Even a unisex t-shirt design would require more "fabric," which by the way I've put in quotes because it's not fabric, it's actually super expensive digital material that probably takes a long time to produce on top of being, lemme say it again, expensive. Are people not aware grad students often have to pay, at least in part, for their materials?


Just to be clear, this isn't a "What is wrong with people?!" post, it's an "I am judging people" post. JUDGING WITH MY JUDGEY EYES.

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