So in celebration of Mr. Dismal’s birthday, we did one of his favorite things: we went to the movies! We saw The Revenant, which I thought was good but had some criticism for but that’s not the point of this post. The point of this post is a little movie coming out later this year called The Other Side of the Door.

Basically, the trailer sums up the plot as this: Jeremy Sisto and Lori from TWD decide that India is paradise (trailer is not specific as to where in India) and decide to stay and raise their family there. BUT TRAGEDY STRIKES in the form of a terrible car accident where Lori and her daughter are saved from their car sinking into the river, but their son is not. Cue grief montage.

Then it gets racist. A tiny old Indian lady tells Lori she can speak with her son if she visits this ~very special~ temple, but she can’t see him and she must not open the door. So guess what this bitch does? Of fucking course she opens the door, which in typical horror movie fashion means she’s unleashed THEM, the angry ghosts of brown people along with the ghost of her son! Aaaaah! /s

It’s a British-Indian production, but still. Why does Hollywood keep using other cultures’ spirituality and death rituals as a springboard for a white lady running around for two hours screaming her head off? Why does the trailer literally suggest that her son is afraid of the brown people. WHY.

Anyhow, here’s the terrible trailer for your hate-watching pleasure.