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Welcome To The Bitchery

Conversation I just had with my husband:

ME: I always thought the system of charging for TV in the UK was kind of silly. “Just be honest; are you watching TV in your house.” I mean, how would they ever know if you lied?

HIM: Oh, they had special vans that drove around neighborhoods and detected which houses were watching which channels.


ME: .....

HIM: Yeah, I am just now realizing that probably wasn’t real.

He then researched it a bunch, and apparently this is a thing that the BBC swore they were doing in the 1970s? There are no records of people being caught watching TV without a license by these vans, but apparently the BBC recently got permission to send them out again to detect people using iPlayer, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Other favorite childhood fibs believed into adulthood: My mom not only believed that eating the crusts of sandwiches would make your hair curl, she passed that on to us, and WE had to realize as adults that that was a lie and let her know. She also believed that raw cookie dough would expand in your stomach until college, when she warned her college roommates against eating it lest their stomachs explode. My grandma was a really good liar, I guess.

What did you believe until you were way too old?

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