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Absurdly Ineffective Barricade Club Presents: Sunshine

Sunshine is the 2007 science fiction drama/horror film from Academy Award winning director Danny Boyle. I argue that with his extremely suspenseful films, he's our generation's Hitchcock. Sunshine is the story of saving humanity, and battling monsters that tell you that eventually, everything you have ever lived for, everything you have ever cared about, is unimportant because ultimately, everything will die. It asks the viewer why humanity fights for its existence, when it's doomed to die out.

1. Why did you decide to watch this film? The original theatrical trailer doesn't reveal that the film has elements of horror in it- Did you expect it to because the director is Danny Boyle? Did it meet, surpass, or fall short of your expectations?


2. "Nothing survives. Not your parents. Not your children. Not even the stars."


Do you believe that the death of the crew members of Icarus I had anything to do with mutiny, or do you believe they consensually let themselves die? Asimov said, "Even the stars run down, you know. Entropy must increase."

Does Pinbacker's obsession with entropy make you more sympathetic to his character, or less?

3. Was the existence and rendezvous with Icarus I shocking to you, or did you smell it coming from lightyears away?


4. Do you think some of the characters died honorable deaths due to their original mission of extending the existence of humanity? Do you think some of the characters' deaths were somewhat deserved for their actions aboard Icarus II?

5. "Whether he was saving me from the priesthood or the priesthood from me, I don’t know. But quite soon after, I started doing drama. And there’s a real connection, I think. All these directors — Martin Scorsese, John Woo, M. Night Shyamalan — they were all meant to be priests. There’s something very theatrical about it. It’s basically the same job — poncing around, telling people what to think."


Director Danny Boyle once wanted to join the priesthood. Though he's an atheist now, are there aspects of Sunshine that his childhood and devotion to spirituality that you believe influenced Sunshine? If so, what?

More questions to be added, because apologies- My internet went out! Cross post where you want!

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