Hi GT - I need your hivemind powers on behalf of my sister, who is trying to sign up for health insurance via ACA for herself and her year old baby.

She’s a grad student who wont be teaching next year since she got a grant, so her actual income is basically nothing and now she’s not covered since she’s not employed by the university. She has a little one year old boy who is also currently uninsured and she’s trying to figure out how to get them both covered.

According to the ACA website and her Eligibility Notice, she is probably eligble for medicaid, but they are not saying that her son is (she’s a single mom). Is this right? With Medicaid, if a mother is qualified/covered are her children not just automatically covered? This is Texas, if that helps.

Does anyone also know how long it typically takes to get approved for Medicaid? She has a checkup that her baby needs next month and this is the enrollment day so she’s also nervous about that.

Thank you all in advance!