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Academic Planner recommendations

Now that applications are done, I need to get my shit together. This means writing down my experiments every day, and making plans to do multiple-day experiments that are not on a whiteboard at work. I NEED A PAPER PLANNER. A medium size one, with monthly and weekly views would be awesome. Also, academic year planner would be even better.

In the past, my favorite has been the New York Public Library Planner. It has all these things.


What irritates me is that Saturday and Sunday are too small. I know, academic year planner. But do people not do shit on the weekends?

HELP. Amazon links to your planner that meets all of my requirements, please!

If you do, I will stop looking at planners and maybe actually work on my Tumblr (shameless advertising). Thanks to you all for the photos. I am set for the rest of the month, but keep them coming!

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