Backstory: I went on a couple dates with an OKC guy. First date was fine. Second date was exasperating and aggravating to the point where I lost any interest in him whatsoever.

He just texted me if I was free on Saturday. I think that seeing him again would be pretty pointless, at this point...but I'm having a hard time figuring out my response. (I say "break up" in quotes because two dates doesn't really count as much, right?) Can I just say something like

Hey I'm glad we got to meet, but I don't think this is going to work out

and leave it at that? I'm feeling compelled to end with "Sorry" but...I also don't want to because I feel like I've been socialized to constantly apologize for my actions. Should I give him a "You're great but..." line when I erm don't really think that?

(I also have a feeling he's going to press me for a reason, which I am not looking forward to doing/giving.)

ETA: People asked so I explained the details here, if you were interested!