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Accessorize me?

I’m stressed about some stuff I can’t do anything about and could use a little distraction. Want to help?

My brother is getting married in about two weeks. We’re all flying up to AK and I’m excited for the event and to get to see all my AK peeps. This is what I’m planning on wearing to the wedding, but it needs some dressing up.


I have short hair that I’m planning on wearing up kind of pompadour style with the sides slicked down. My ears are gauged and the earrings I wear most of the time are silver swirly kinda things, but I could get away with regular dangly type earrings, since I don’t think silver goes with the dress and shoes. Thoughts on jewelry? Statement necklace? Big earrings and bracelets? Thoughts on makeup? I was thinking black winged eyeliner with neutral eyeshadow, but I’m waffling on a lip color. Berry? Neutral? I don’t think I would like red, the dress is kind of coral-pink (in case it isn’t showing well on screen). I also need some kind of cover-up as it will be end of September in Alaska and I’ve acclimated to Texas pretty well.

Tell me your thoughts and opinions! Distract me from my inability to make time go faster!

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