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Accidental Discharges, pt. II

Remember in Texas a while back there were those two prosecutors who got murdered? In the end it was some former "justice of the peace," whatever that is, who was seeking revenge for the loss of his law license. Anyway, the district attorney in some other Texas county decided to react by mandating that all his assistants carry concealed handguns. I guess that kind of shit helps you win elections, and really, what could ever possibly go wrong?

Last Monday, first Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett was kicking back in the office when he asked fellow prosecutor Landon Ramsay if he could check out the latter's sweet-ass Glock .40 cal.

Jarrett said he asked Ramsay if the gun was loaded and was told it was not. Jarrett pulled back the slide, he said, to double-check if it was loaded and didn’t see a bullet slide into the chamber.

He aimed the gun at a window in Ramsay’s office and pulled the trigger. The bullet shattered the window and struck the brick exterior of the adjacent vacant downtown county jail, Jarrett and McLennan County Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Cawthon said.

No one was injured, which Jarrett said was because he was careful to point the pistol out the window at a brick wall.

“I was being extremely safe,” Jarrett said. “I inspected the gun even after I was told it was not loaded, but it was just an unfortunate accident.”


OH SHIT EVERYONE, CAPTAIN SAFETY IN THE HOUSE. I guess you might call it an accidental discharge, but I don't know how accidental it is when you cock the weapon, flick the safety off, take aim, and pull the trigger. Another former Responsible Gun Owner claims an accident as the cause for shooting Renisha McBride point blank in the face with a shotgun. I guess the difference between the two is that the first is an accident because he didn't think the gun was loaded, and the second because he doesn't consciously recall pulling the trigger. It just went off! The DA is reportedly very disappointed in his deputy, but "My prosecutors will remain armed in light of what happened in Kaufman County." Also, and this is rich, "The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office is not investigating and no charges will be filed because there’s no evidence the gun was fired in a reckless manner."

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