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Accidentally Vegan (again)

So, this is the second time in about a month that I have bought meat, started cooking said meat, and noticed it was a bit.. off. Like, not rancid, but not smelling or cooking how it should, either.

Tonight I was making a stirfry with veggies galore, quinoa, and some sirloin steak I chopped up. I bought the steak Sunday, and it’s sell-by date was today. Usually cuts of beef are good raw for a day or two past the sell date. Sure, there were a few brown spots, but that adds tenderness.


The good news is that I made all the veggies first and then set them aside to cool, so it’s not like I fucked over the entire damn meal. Chopped the beef, and it seemed okay - didn’t notice any smell or any sliminess, etc. Started cooking the beef, and NOPE. Started smelling off and the color went from raw pinkish red to gray. Not brown. Gray. Weird, smelly gray. Given the amount of pepper and spices I use, the smell was especially telling. Anyhoo, that meat went out to the dumpster.


Seeing as I only cook meat about once a week (and then leftovers!!!!!!!), this suggests it is time to start buying meat at a different grocery store. Grr. Guess I am making lentils to add some bulk to my stirfry.

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