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So friends, my job ended early. We apparently went over budget and they kicked us out at 1 on Wednesday. I did not ask out my stupidly attractive coworker, despite FictonalWoman’s encouragement to the contrary. I also did not apply to any jobs this week.

I did clean my apartment and got my ass out of the house every day this week and have been out more than I have been in. I went to a burlesque show with Paradoxymoron and talked to her mom (yes, her mom, because her mom is cooler than all of us combined) about helping me get into burlesque, a longtime dream of mine.

This week, I WILL apply to jobs and exercise. My mumsy is coming to visit, and she’s good for encouragement.


How about you, GT? What have you accomplished? What do you hope to accomplish? What are you proud of, what do you need encouragement for?

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