Hello my friends! How are you? How was your week? Has your city also seemed to crawl inside Satan’s butthole and swallowed you with humid agony? What have you accomplished this week?

I’ll start!

I made it to my second therapy appointment in a row!!! Yay me!!! I still feel like I’m mostly talking out loud to myself and occasionally having someone tell me that yes, I am right, or hey, let’s go into that a bit more, but I have ACCOUNTABILITY!!! YAY!!!

I worked for four days nannying and tutoring, and I read three books! Two of them were the first two Percy Jackson books, but that was for tutoring. I get paid to read! I have to write critical thinking questions for my student, so I have to read the books to know what to ask. I also finished the first Mistborn book and OH MY GOD SO EXCITED TO START THE SECOND ONE.

I also applied to six jobs, which hopefully will go up next week when I’m not working so much.


Tell me your victories, GT!