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Accomplishments post!!!

Hello, it is that time again!! Time for the weekly accomplishments.

Groupthink, this week, I need some encouragement. My job is ending on Friday, and I desperately need something more permanent. I'm getting really discouraged in my search, and I'm about to start applying for jobs I don't want just to try and get SOMETHING. If I can't even get one of those, I'll be probably trying to find a job as a waitress. Which is no shade on waitresses, I've been one, but dammit I didn't go to law school to go back into food service.

I also walked home from a party rather than pay for a cab (5 miles in party clothes) which might have been ill advised, but dammit I walked five miles, and I cleaned half my apartment today.


What did you do this week, Groupthink? What do you need encouragement on?

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