Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Today I did not cry at work. Although there were three moments I wanted to have a temper tantrum, I suppressed it. Nor did I smart off to managers when they were asinine to me and my coworkers, which is a definite success given the state of things.

Tonight I updated my sadly outdated LinkedIn account, in hopes that this will help me land a new job soon. I really don’t understand what LinkedIn does, but I know people will creep on me there if I apply to work for them. So this needs to be updated before I start blasting my resume to all and sundry.


I also looked up the grace period for NOT having insurance and NOT getting the tax penalty for the Affordable Care Act. HINT: it’s 2 consecutive months of being uninsured, but as long as you are insured for at least one day in a month that month counts. (this was important in case I hit the wall where I JUST CAN’T EVEN with my job, which is a real possibility as I do have enough saved in my emergency fund to say Fuck It for about 6 weeks before having to dig into savings, but not if I have a tax penalty in the Spring)

I also ate a really nice cheeseburger.

What did you get done today that was an accomplishment?

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