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Accurate Visual Representation of My Evening Yesterday

But I was really lucky to be able to hear what the men were saying. Even though I couldn't understand it as the topics included sports, home improvements, and politics.

I have literally never experienced whatever the fuck was going on last night. PollyDude excused himself to go to the bathroom, and I asked the worst offender a polite question. I get "yeah," in return and he turns away to speak to PollyDude who was returning to the patio. During a story that was being told to both PollyDude and me, the woman telling the story asks a question in order to clarify a detail she forgot. For a crazy reason, I thought she was addressing both of us. I answered. PD did not. As I had answered accurately; why would he? But no, she was asking him. And when he didn't answer, she asked her husband (aforementioned worst offender). Husband didn't answer as he was busy talking down to other people. "Oh, well, it doesn't matter." Don't worry, though, because when he had time, he gave the same answer I did, so she was able to finish her story.


Also, courtesy of MadamePeaceLove

Have you experienced things like this? In what sort of situations have you seen this?

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