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I've had some split ends that were getting out of hand, but I'm too cheap/broke right now to go to a proper hairdresser, so today I said fuck it and just cut my hair myself. Even though my girlfriend said the back looked okay, I have a feeling the bottom edge is slightly uneven. Fortunately, my hair is really wavy, so it's not like the edge is ever going to be perfectly straight across.

While I'm on the topic of hair, I admit I am very low maintenance most of the time — I can pretty much go for months without ever shaving my legs, among other things. However, occasionally I go through phases — like right now — where I'm just SO OVER body hair and want to go to town shaving and plucking everything. I hate how time consuming it is, though, and I wish someone else could do it all for me. Anyway, smell you guys later — I'm going to be in the bathroom for the rest of the evening (not really).


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