Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Achievements and Adorable Things

Over the last two days I have phoned my universities counselling service to make an appointment (unfortunately not until the 26th), and told two people in my department (including my personal tutor) about my problems (anxiety, self-harm, etc.). I'm also going to call and make a doctors appointment as soon as my flatmate is back and I can ask her how to do it. I still feel all the feelings that hurt so much, but I know it's a good thing that I've taken these steps.

I've deleted some of my recent posts because even though GT is a place where I feel more comfortable sharing things like that, I don't like that recently it's been my only contribution to this amazing community, and I also don't want to hold on to those things. Thank you so much to the people who commented and were/are supportive, it means a lot to me.


One thing that has made me smile a lot today is these new McVittie's adverts that popped up on the youtube homepage. The kitten one is adorable and although I can't quite decide if I find the tarsier adorable or creepy, the guys reaction just makes it for me. I'm also including the puppy one to keep the peace with team dog, although I didn't personally find it as cute as the other two. Just saying'.

Also, we can't imbed videos anymore? Or am I just kinja-ing wrong?

ETA: Ok, so none of my links work. I'll attempt to post the videos in the comments. Wish me luck.

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