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Ack, I did it! I got a tattoo!

No turning back now!

I posted here recently that I had been thinking of getting a very subtle paw tattoo on the bottom of my ring finger until I found out you can’t really get a tattoo there. I wasn’t sure there was another place I was comfortable with because I didn’t want it to be super prominent.

My husband suggested my forearm because I have occasionally woken up with an actual paw print on my arm from the way my cat and I snuggle.


I decided to get it pink and thought maybe that would be less bold than a black tattoo, plus my cat’s paw is actually pink.

The guy told me it would take about 20 minutes, but apparently he meant the entire appointment would take that long because the actual tattooing took about 3 minutes, so that was a very pleasant surprise!

I’m very happy with the shape of the paw print he drew. I was a little nervous because when I first showed up he was like “how is this” and it was honestly... terrible. I couldn’t pinpoint why though. I was like honestly I can’t think how a paw print should look off the top of my head so I just pulled up a picture on my phone and left that with him.


I had also said that I’d like the pad part to be a heart, since it’s so close to heart shaped already. I’m very pleased with what he did there, it’s very subtle and I think at first you wouldn’t notice that isn’t quite the normal shape.

Then I got nervous about the color. I had been drawing this on my arm every day for a few weeks in a peachy pink sharpie. I knew the actual color would probably be much more noticable but I didn’t want a really in-your-face shade of pink. The bottle he held up for me was... really pink. He said he could add some white but that was the lightest pink he had. I asked him to add some orange to it and he seemed to think that was crazy but it made it much closer to what I was expecting. (I was kind of surprised he didn’t suggest adding orange, I would have thought mixing pigments would be pretty common in tattoo art?)


Then after three minutes of pain that was actually way less painful then I expected, we were done! The finished product is definitely way brighter than I was thinking but I think I will adjust.

I think the way I was resting my arm stretched the skin a bit, it doesn’t look quiiite this wide in person. It’s also actually a bit brighter in person.


But this is my new tattoo! Nail oil bottle for size reference lol.


Now I just have to take care of it. I’m hoping the fact that it’s so small will make it easy to care for. It seems to be doing well so far!

I’m really happy with the placement I think. It was hard to pick a spot—have you really looked at how your arms move before? I had never paid attention until I started thinking about this and it’s really weird how little the upper part of your forearm moves when you rotate your arms! It’s mostly in the wrist.


But I have it placed so that if I lay my forearms up this is on top and very visible, but if my arms are just hanging by my side it’s really on the inside and not really visible from either the front or the back.

I think I’m happy with this decision but honestly I’m not sure how much it has really hit me yet that I actually did it because this is pretty out of character for me. My step-sister said our parents are going to be so surprised that I’m the one who got a tattoo and not her (though there’s still time for her too!).


This post came out longer than expected, so as usual thanks so much to you all for giving me a place to vent out all these thoughts! I haven’t really told a lot of people about this yet. :)

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