I just emailed our genetic counselor...

...To tell her that Mr. Run and I would like pursue starting our family with a sperm donor. I'm excited and scared. Mr. Run had an an all-clear 6th month biopsy on his new kidney, so we are feeling good on that. I'll have tenure at the end of the school year (as long as Vergara vs. California gets thrown out), Mr. Run will be done with his BS next December and he started an accounting internship today. Life is actually falling into place.

Mr. Run's kidney disease is genetic and any bio-kids we have would have 50% chance of getting it. Since PKD doesn't usually cause symptoms until adulthood, preimplantation genetic testing is not covered by insurance, and I'm not really sure I am up for IVF any way. So our future science baby can be conceived in a different way! I say science, because I knew we'd never have a baby the old fashioned way, because neither one of us wants to risk having a child with PKD, as it can be a devastating disease.

So here we go! What lies ahead, I have no clue.