Meh, I currently broke out majorly along my jaw line and chin. Nothing new, but I have more acne here than usual, and I just want to complain about it if that's okay. I've had my battle with acne since I was 13, and I'm sick of it. It's my fault though because I haven't gone to a dermatologist in 2-3 years and have run out of all my prescriptions for antibiotics and topical ointments I used. I hated the dermo I had in high school...such a bitch. And in college, it was hard to find time to visit a new one.

My acne is hormonal and triggered by what I eat, too. Since I was 16, I've pretty much had to always be on the pill to regulate my hormones, but I still get ALL the acne. I have a lot of scars, too, but I'm good at covering them up with makeup. But covering up the giant bumps of existing acne? Yeah, not really possible, and that's why I'm so angry that I broke out more than usual. It makes me feel gross.

I'm not asking for advice. I really need to get off my ass and look for a new dermatologist. But I sincerely hope that one day I don't have to deal with this bullshit.

Also, I'm really glad that my boyfriend still thinks I'm somehow attractive despite my recent major breakout. ETA: not to be mean to myself, but I'm in a bit of a self-deprecating mood.