Remember how I was having a meltdown about going to an acting class for beginners a few days ago? Yea, it was awesome.

There were people there who clearly had more experience but they were all really nice, friendly and encouraging. The teacher was very sweet if a bit stern, but that makes sense since he’s wrangling actors. Actors can be a tad bit competitive for attention if left to their own devices.

I did suck and I did make mistakes but it was totally ok! I’m new. I’ve never done this before so I’m not going to be perfect right away. We do “auditions” on tape and apparently I had my head down reading the entire time. I was nervous! But the teacher was very nice about it. He said I looked good, but he couldn’t see my “moneymaker” because I had my face in the script. Oops!

My mom was surprisingly positive about me going. She usually finds something negative to say about everything I do so I’m very happy that she shoved me out the door with nice words. I came home literally buzzing with energy. She was cracking up saying it was like the time I went into 6th grade at a new school. I panicked saying I wouldn’t make any friends and came home having made friends with a gal I still talk to today.


So yea, you guys were right that I shouldn’t have been worried about it. Thank you for all the encouragement! Thank you for being so kind! You guys are simply the best!