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Action figures VS Dolls

I have a huge action figure collection that I don't display very well. I kinda keep a lot of them boxes, and have ones that mean a lot to me around my desk for inspiration. I like buying memorabilia because it reminds me of stories that have touched me or inspire me to be better.

I very briefly dated a fellow nerd who totally loved my collection. (And we didn't even get to the good stuff) This felt really good because I've gotten the side eye from people that I'm in my thirties and still collect toys. So I felt kinda safe to show him more of my collection.

I was totally pleased with a new figure. I wanted to show her off. I bought Cerise Hood from Ever After High.

And he immediately said

"That's a bratz doll." That's not an action figure. Went on about how doll collecting was weird. He got uncomfortable didn't think it should be something I should collect.


Ummm what?

So I can have the entire crew of Stargate Atlantis, Star TNG, Final Fantasy, all the Tales of Symphonia characters but not a doll?


Both are toys. Both have amazing articulation and detail. Because one is for young girls I can't collect it? I can't appreciate that she's a cool character, because she's a doll?


Piss off.

I was so annoyed at his snobbery. And he told me he was considering stealing one of my Digimon....


It's okay. I also bought Madeline Hatter.

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