Here's how rough Hollywood can be on older women: In the new comedy Tammy, Susan Sarandon is cast as Melissa McCarthy's grandmother, despite the fact that only 24 years separate them in age. This isn't the first time an actress has seemed way too young to sire her screen kin (in one classic case, Anne Bancroft was only eight years older than her The Graduate screen-daughter Katharine Ross), and it's not even the most egregious example in Tammy, where McCarthy also cast the 11-years-older Allison Janney as her mother. This sort of thing happens all the time to actresses โ€” once they reach a certain age, it's like they're filed away in a folder simply marked "old" โ€” and it's a problem their male counterparts rarely have to contend with. To prove it, we've rounded up some recent examples of age-inappropriate casting, then imagined what would happen if some of these believability-busting pairings got a gender flip.



mother: Angelina Jolie (b. June 4, 1975)

son: Colin Farrell (b. May 31, 1976)

There are a lot of things that feel not-quite-right about Oliver Stone's Alexander the Great epic โ€” including Colin Farrell's hideous blond wig, which looks like it came out of a Fred-from-Scooby-Doo costume kit at Party City โ€” but foremost among them must be the casting of Angelina Jolie as Farrell's mother. She's only a year older than her screen-son; compare that to who Stone cast as Alexander's father, the 16-years-older Val Kilmer.


Male Equivalent: If Colin Farrell's father had been played by Bradley Cooper, born in 1975 โ€” the same year as Jolie.