Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Actual conversation in my kitchen

So Mr. I was cooking tonight, and had decided to make shepherd's pie. He did a bit of shopping before coming home.

Anyways, I was putting the groceries away, and he tells me he bought corn and carrots to go in the shepherd's pie. I reach into the bag and pull out 6 cobs of corn?


Me: Um, why did you buy this for shepherd's pie?

Mr. I: The corn only came in six packs...

Me: No, what I mean is, why did you buy corn on the cob to make shepherd's pie?

Mr. I: I did not want to buy canned corn...

Me: There's frozen corn.

Mr. I: Oh yeah!

Yeah, so now we've got a six pack of corn on the cob for the two of us. And he hates corn on the cob. Oh, and the smell of corn silk sets off my allergies.


I love him dearly, but sometimes I just have to facepalm.

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