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Welcome To The Bitchery

Middle Sister told me today about what happened last night to Oldest Sister. Last night OS's ex-boyfriend from years ago showed up outside her apartment and started throwing pebbles at her window and shouting her name. OS tried to hide. So ex-boyfriend CLIMBED UP HER WINDOW GRATE AND LOOKED INTO THE APARTMENT. He spotted OS and begged for her to let him come in. She said no. He said he loves her and that he will propose to her today. She asked "Do you realize how crazy you sound?" MS didn't mention how he eventually left, but she did tell me that OS did not call the cops because she was afraid it would ruin his life and he'd kill himself. Whoa.

And though MS reports that OS doesn't seem to scared, I'm terrified for her! She lives on the first floor of her building, and leaves the window cracked open during the day while she's at work so her dog can get some air. What is stopping him from breaking in? I wish she had called the cops.


So anyway, now I'm truly scared for her safety. It sounds like this guy needs to be hospitalized or she needs to get a restraining order against him, but I'm betting she won't.

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