Is it weird I'm just now realizing how ridiculous this was? I really wasn't offended at the time. TW body issues?

Have I typed enough now that it's not going to show up on the summary? Okay, here you go. Please note this was with in 10 minutes or so of completing uh, sexual intercoursing with this person. I was still naked.

"You know, it's actually really good that you used to be fat, because now even though you're thin you still have like enough leftover skin because of that that you're still soft and not bony without the fat"

Uhm... thanks? I'm seriously laughing at just how ridiculous it was that someone would say that and not think it just a crazy/wrong thing to say. I also don't really have "extra skin" either.

But I guess super good job to me, guys!! It turns out I've totally nailed the PERFECT BODY that guys want. I'll be writing a diet book soon that will help women lose a bunch of fat weight while simultaneously growing extra skin so that their visually appealing bones don't feel unfortunate to their lovers!