Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

There's some people hanging out tonight. Which is cool. We're watching random movies, and chose White House Down. One dude is a talker and talks about a bunch of random shit that pops into his mind throughout the movie. I'll be getting a do-over on the movie. Seriously, I've listened to 10 minutes conversation about different weapons and their origins. There's been alien chatter. There's been some discussion about weaponized drones and government and special forces dressed in burkas (I am not kidding).

Anyway, the dude said this aloud (with context with what was happening in the movie), not ironically (I don't think) "Nothing makes me feel more powerful than beating up an old lady. You know, you could feel the ribs shattering. I wonder if I could burst a mammary?"


You guys, help. I've lost my ability to deal with dude chatter.

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