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Actually, Marriage is for (Both of) You

Have you seen the latest viral post from a smug newlywed telling everyone else how to have a successful marriage?

I know, I know. There have just been SO many viral posts from smug newlyweds that without a time frame, you probably can't guess which one I plan on rebutting.

This weekend, I noticed several friends and family members share a blog post, "Marriage Isn't For You" by Seth Adam Smith. Eventually, I gave in and read it.

On the surface, I liked it. Marriage shouldn't be selfish. I can dig that.

But something held me back from sharing it. Something about the post just felt off to me.

It took me several days to finally articulate all my thoughts on this. You can read my entire post at my blog!

tl;dr The original post echoes language used in the Church to control women. I just didn't notice at first because it was written from the male POV!

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