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Yesterday, I read the article that got crossposted from ValleyWag about the TechCrunch Hackathon that featured an app called "titstare" and another that emulated whacking off. I commented, and the first response was to effectively ask me my cup size since my feelings about my breasts could influence my opinion. Basically, it was "tell me your cup size so I can decide if your objection is due to jealousy or if you're overreacting because guys stare at your tits a lot." On top of everything else completely fucking wrong with that question, apparently, I need men to explain to me why I find sexual harassment to be problematic, based on their interpretation of my mental image of my body.


The one good thing that came out of that article though is that I found out that I'd been quoted in a ValleyWag piece about a "there's no sexism in tech; all women who say otherwise are incompetent liars" thread that was in and of itself so ridiculous that an article was written about the thread.

I just... what the actual fuck.

ETA: I literally just did this:


ETA2: Don't pull him out of the greys and don't dismiss. I will be responding to his comments but I want everyone to be able to see what a sexist jackass he is.

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