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Acupuncture -- ouch!?!

The last month or so my shoulder/neck/jaw/head area has been an overall mess. I grind my teeth, have a very uncomfortable night guard, hate my mattress and pillow, carry all my stress in my shoulders, and hurt my neck doing yoga. I figured, let's try acupuncture. So, I'm pretty much an acupuncture newbie. I actually did it once on my foot ten years ago while writing a story for a magazine and didn't care for it, but I figured I'd give it another chance.

Well, I remembered immediately the cause behind my previously nebulously remembered dislike. That shit HURTS! The needles themselves aren't really painful in a stabby/pricky way, but it's more like they cause shooting, throbbing, spawning muscular/nerve/who knows what pain. Especially the ones on my face (I guess these were for my sinuses?). So I just gritted my teeth and dealt with it for half an hour, and the guy was very nonchalant (also didn't speak a ton of English) about it. But the receptionist was like, oh, those face needles hurt. I always cry when he does it.


What the hell? Is this normal? Am I just sensitive? Googling seems to indicate it should be pain-free, but the next day I was sore all over like I was in a fight. Maybe today two days later I feel better than before it or maybe it's just wishful thinking...

So enlighten me with your experiences. And should I take the 36 (THIRTY SIX) herbal pills a day that he gave me????

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