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ADD/ADHD Jezzies... halp?

This morning my psychiatrist preliminarily diagnosed me with inattentive-type ADHD. I know we did an Ask a Blank on this, and it was super helpful, but I have some other questions and know there are several folks on GT who might be willing and able to give me some advice/thoughts.

Mostly I have questions about medication (specifically stimulants). The psychiatrist explained her view of things to me but said that it's something there's a decent amount of controversy over and that I should make up my own mind on the matter. But I don't even know where to start—googling "ADD medication" or any variation basically gives you THE ENTIRE INTERNET. (It doesn't help that my current knowledge consists of Annie Edison from Community and this slightly unnerving article from a school paper.)


Does anyone have good places to start? Sites/information that were useful when you first started medication?

For people who are on medication... what's your personal experience? Like, not just what is your opinion about them in general, but what's it like to actually be taking something for your ADD and what's the difference between when you're on versus off?


Many thanks to anyone who can share their words of wisdom. (I can pay in puppies if you like, too.)

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