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Addams Family Halloween make-up help for a Brown person

Y'all, I'm brown and I'm doing a couple's costume with Boytrude that involves pale skin. Boytrude and I are going as Morticia and Gomez Addams. Have no fear, I'm not planning on going in white face (not trying to talk about "reverse racism" drunk at a Halloween party), but I do want to be pretty pale/kind of dead looking. My costume is pretty basic otherwise (Black dress, my own hair straightened and parted down the middle, and red acrylic nails), so I'm relying on the make-up to make my costume believable. After about 40 minutes of internet-ing, I can't find any advice for how to get a pale vampire make-up look for brown people. I don't have a ton of money so I'm just planning on using drugstore makeup. Should I just buy a lighter cream foundation and do some contouring with gray eyeshadow? Here's a photo of Morticia for reference if you for some reason haven't seen one of the best children's movies of all time.

C'mon world, brown people like Halloween too.

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