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My therapist said I chose rightly over a decade ago and decision saved my life

Well over a decade ago I got very sick and lead to years of pain and other ailments. At the start the doctor put me on a codeine type medication. I always hated medicatiin but it helped the pain. A few weeks in I was out with my mother and she noticed me hunched over a counter ordering food. I also had a glazed look. My sense of concentration was bad. I always prized my brain and concentration.

I realized this pain was going to be with me the doctor said I had chronic pain as a result of my illness. I was not about to let it affect my thinking.


I had a choice. Live with pain or take medication. The therapist said I probably saved my life with that decision. I chose the pain.

We were discussing how a cousin had died from a heroin overdose last year after having surgery due from diabetes and had bad health. He liked pain killers and was addicted to them. His cousin (not related to me thank god) was just arrested for meth and heroin selling. I have a bad feeling he gave him the fatal heroin.


I was telling my therapist how I sometimes wonder how close I came to continue taking the codeine type medication. I told her how scared I am thinking how close I was. She then said I probably saved my life with that choice.

I do take medication for asthma and flu when needed. I consider those life saving medication.

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