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I think I’m going to stop by the animal shelter after work today. Just to look.

Right now we’ve got two dogs and a guinea pig. We adopted a bonded pair of pigs a couple years ago, and some of you may recall the older one passed away several months ago. I’ve been waffling on adopting another one ever since. Our remaining pig is a very alpha male who was very dominate over his buddy. This is completely normal pig behavior, I just worry about bringing a new guy into the fold. What if my piggie doesn’t want a new friend (unlikely because they are very social animals). What if the new piggie is like, “what the fuck have I gotten myself into?” (Also unlikely because they are very sweet but kind of dumb animals and probably don’t experience cognition on that level.)

I found a pig who I think could be a good match for my current buddy. I should at least go meet him, right?


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