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And let’s just go ahead and stick in a spacer picture: How about a Spaceman Sloth?





This is me. It’s not a great photo, just me, hair pulled back and no make up (#nofilter)


A) Jeeze, my eyebrows are a mess. I should get that attended to.

B) Crazy Aunt Kanye’s hair looks amazeballs. Just so good. And that post dropped at the same time that I have been thinking about maybe possibly going blonde myself. I’m always worried that I would look really washed out as a blonde

This is me outdoors, so a little more light.

(I made that hat too!)


I have always had brown/bronze/red hair. The last time I colored was, jeeze- like December so my hair is practically unprocessed right now and I could probably use a high lift and deposit color Like L’Oreal Hicolor from Sally Beauty


Last picture is about the shade my hair is overall. It;s a little lighter/more processed at the ends, but everything is within 2 shades of one another.

So, beautimous ladies and gents of GT- should I do it? I’m currently looking for a new job, so I don’t want my hair to get super crazy looking, and I could keep up with root touch ups every 3-4 weeks but not more often than that. I tried to beach my hair blonde waaaayyyy back in high school and it looked ridiculous, but then again, I was in high school and I’m sure I was using really really crappy bleach.( and probably didn’t take care of it right at all.


Also, I don’t know if I should go warm- golden blonde or cool-ash blonde. Ash blonde I at least know I can take care of with a once in a while wash in shimmer lights, but how do you keep a gold blonde from being too brassy?

I dunno, Help me Groupthink. You’re my only hope. Thanks in advance!

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