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ADHD - tips, tricks, and ideas

Good morning, lovely and wonderful people of the GT Nation!

WeePiglet has been diagnosed with ADHD-Combined, which is basically all the types of ADHD you can have, plus sprinkles. She is also what they call an "extreme" case, in that her behaviors are really really really disruptive to not only her, but everyone around her.


We've met with the school and we have a couple of accommodations in place to help her focus better and distract the others less, but it's a huge struggle, every day, to keep her from going off the rails.

What's-His-Name and I have discussed medication with WP's doctors and while I feel like meds would "fix" her, I'm not so sure I want to mess around with the brain chemistry of an 8-year-old. I want to exhaust literally all the other options available before we go to medication.


(I say this as a person who was medicated for nearly 2 decades for various things and perhaps never learned the behavior modifications that would have made life more tolerable)

So I ask you - if you have ADHD yourself, can you tell me a little bit about your experiences? What goes through your mind when you're having an "off" day? Do you recognize when you're starting to tweak out, as it were? How do you bring yourself back to a more normal state?


If you're parenting an ADHD kid, what kinds of things do you (or the kid's school) do to help the kid out? Do you have parenting support (because parenting this kid is exhausting), and how do you help your kid navigate socially, once they've been branded as That Child? What helps? What doesn't? Do you drink a lot?

I have tons of books and websites, but I don't really know anyone who is actively parenting or actively dealing with ADHD on a scale like we are. I want to talk to people who can tell me that it gets better, she'll learn to live with it and manage it, or hey - maybe meds are the way to go.

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