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Welcome To The Bitchery

I just found out that my best friend in the whole wide world is moving to San Francisco next month and I am SO HEARTBROKEN. Don't get me wrong, I'm so happy that he found an absolutely amazing job. He deserves it 100 million percent. He's worked so hard and he is the most hard working, dedicated, driven person I know. Plus, he hasn't even graduated yet. Most people right now are not that lucky. He's had multiple job offers and, unfortunately none of them have been as awesome as the offer that is literally on the other side of the country from home.

He moves a few weeks after he graduates. I am going to have to miss his graduation and his graduation/ going away party because I have a vacation planned that can not be changed now.


We have been friends since middle school and now we are 22 and our lives are beginning and I am realizing in epic magnitude that being an adult fucking sucks. He lived two hours away while at school and I went to visit him a total of 2 times while he was there. Granted, the first year I was also away at school and fucked up and stupid, and the next two I had the most horrific job that prevented any kind of extra money or time to visit, but really. TWO TIMES IN FOUR YEARS. How is this going to work when it will take an entire day and three time zones to see him? And a lot more money? How do people make long distance relationships work because I don't see how it does.

Not to mention that I have no other friends any more. We are the only people who actually grew up instead of made things work out so we could still act like teenagers and live in our parents houses and have no responsibilities. I hate this and the fact that I hate this makes me feel even worse because I feel selfish, and I am. The only good thing about it is that I don't share these thoughts with him, because I shouldn't make him feel guilty about making such an awesome, brave decision. I keep telling him about all the fun things that I got to do when I visited my aunt and uncle out there and how much I'm looking forward to doing those fun things with him but seriously, I hate every goddamn second of it.

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