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Adopting a dog is stressful

My partner and I are trying to adopt a rescue pup and it is a stressful process!

We had a meet-and-greet with the dog we’re interested in adopting last weekend and are waiting to hear back from the adoption agency about a home visit. They were very clear with us that they have another applicant in mind as well, and will go with the applicant they feel is best for the dog. The thing is, we don’t feel we’ve been given an opportunity to demonstrate that we would be conscientious, caring and responsible dog owners who would be well-suited to care for this particular little guy and it feels like we’re just being judged by arbitrary criteria we’re not aware of and it’s stressing both of us out.

We submitted an application for a different dog about a month ago and were turned down. This particular agency is really popular and they get tons of applications for their dogs. We were told that our application would be kept on file and if we were interested in another dog, we should just email them directly (which we did). The thing is, the application form is pretty specific to that dog, as well as asking some more general questions about previous pet ownership and lifestyle, etc.


We had a meet-and-greet on Sunday with the foster, but it was kind of weird. She didn’t ask us any questions or even seem to be observing us with the dog all that closely. The whole thing was only about fifteen minutes (especially because she was late meeting us). She was very chill and made it seem like we’d definitely be doing the home visit next, but now we haven’t heard back from them yet and we’re getting worried they went with the other applicant. My partner totally fell in love with this dog and I know he’ll be really disappointed if we don’t get him. We’ve been trying to adopt a dog for awhile now and it’s such a frustrating process. There’s so much competition and it’s really hard to get your foot in the door, and even when you do, the process doesn’t seem to be all that transparent and you have no idea how you’re being evaluated.

At least with a job interview, you know the competencies the prospective employer is looking for and the whole point is to give you an opportunity to demonstrate that you have those competencies. But for all the adoption agency’s emphasis on finding the best fit for the dog’s needs, they haven’t asked us any questions or really done much to evaluate us yet, aside from the application form (and that was not specific to this dog). I don’t know what feedback the foster could have given to the agency after the meet-and-greet. We are really hoping we get the opportunity for a home visit but I’m getting anxious that they picked the other applicant.

I know if this doesn’t work out, there will be lots of other dogs who need homes in the future. We’re looking into all our options, not just this one agency. But I think this particular dog would be a great fit in our home and I know it’ll really bum out my partner to get rejected. So fingers crossed...

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