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This article is pissing me off.

It basically argues that adoption itself is a form of trauma and that adopted children with personality or mood disorders or attachment issues can trace their problems to the original disconnection of adoption, even if they were adopted at birth.


There’s also a bunch of bullshit about how pregnant women who don’t love their fetuses enough will give birth to anxious babies. None of the linked citations go anywhere and many of the claims seem pretty dubious, such as this one (which is not cited):

Surprisingly, babies are also able to sense a disconnection or lack of acceptance from their mother while in the womb – leading to attachment issues and developmental trauma down the road.

I would really like to hear about the research that shows exactly how fetuses “sense a...lack of acceptance from their mother” in utero, please. Because I think you got that from the Journal of Medical Research I Pulled Out of My Ass. If anyone can provide some links to actual research on this topic, I would sincerely like to read them.

And then there’s this:

Mothers that end up placing their child with adoptive parents are also likely to feel increased stress during their pregnancies. Many are very young, have many other children or are emotionally or financially unable to support a child. Each of these stressors could expose unborn babies to cortisol, making them also stressed. The baby is then born anxious.


Because it’s productive to blame and shame bio-mothers for the stress they feel during pregnancy? They’re essentially traumatizing their children because their life circumstances - which may be entirely beyond their control - are stressful?

Am I overreacting, or is this just more bullshit mother-blaming, with a bunch of harmful adoption myths thrown in for good measure?

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