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Adorable but Annoying Puppy

Working from home today means that the puppy gets to be out and about. She lost one of her little paw booties at the park last night and the salt on the sidewalks on the way home seems to have worn away at the pads on that one foot so I don't want to take her out again until I have a chance to go get her new booties/the salt is gone. We're playing almost fetch in the house to give her some inside exercise.

She is starting to get great at inside fetch! She runs after the ball and usually brings it back and puts her head in my lap with the ball. She doesn't drop it, but she lets you take it from her. When she doesn't come straight back she likes to take the ball, flop down and chew on it. But! Sometimes when she is chewing on the ball it rolls away from her UNDER THE FURNITURE.


Little monster has three tennis balls and three crackle balls somewhere in this apartment, but we can only find one lonely tennis ball. The rest have apparently been eaten by the monsters under the bed/chair/couch/cabinet. WHERE DO THEY GO??

Edit: Now she's gotten it stuck under the refrigerator door. Easily solved by simply opening the door, but watching her first shove it under there and then not be able to get it out is hilarious. I should go save her from herself.


Edit2: Two minutes after I rescued her ball from the evil clutches of the fridge?

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